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Mortgage Protection Insurance

It keeps the family together

As your life changes, so should your insurance

About Mortgage Protection Insurance

This website has been created by a leading insurance adviser (Stuart Wills) to provide you a single place to research and get a professional opinion on the various mortgage protection insurance products available in New Zealand today.

There are a lot of different policies available and it can be quite difficult to know which option to choose.

Here you can learn what mortgage protection insurance really covers, the key options that you have, the differences between the various policies on the market and learn how to select the most suitable policy that will suit your situation.

If you have arranged your mortgage with a bank or a New Zealand mortgage broker then you probably need some mortgage protection cover too.

Check out the reviews on each mortgage protection product.

Read our blog where we discuss the issues.

What is Mortgage Protection?

Mortgage protection insurance is not just about protecting our mortgage, it is really about ensuring that our family will not lose our home.

The Key Policy Differences...

Not all mortgage cover is created the same – what appear small differences can make a huge difference at claim time when you rely on your insurance.

No… each policy has a policy document which acts as the contract at claim time. It really doesn’t matter how “pretty” the brochure is, what the advertising sounds like or even what the person selling the insurance says.

All that really matters is at claim time when you need the policy to work for you. At that time you want to know that you will be paid what you deserve and believe you are entitled to.


  • Did you know...

    That most banks only sell insurance from one company?

  • Did you know...

    That most mortgage brokers only sell insurance from one company?

  • Did you know...

    That most insurance brokers will sell insurance from one or maybe two companies too?

  • And of course

    When you buy directly from an insurance company you know you are not offered much choice.

You Deserve To Know All The Options

We created this website as we believe that you should know what options you have so that you can select the best mortgage protection insurance. Too often the banks and most “so called” insurance advisers will sell you the policy that suits them – not you. It is then only if you have a claim that you really look at the policy … and you better hope your policy is a good one!

Here you will find all the answers.

We hope you find this website useful and please share it with people you know so that can benefit from this site as well.

mortgage protection questionsPlus Ask any questions

We know that it is sometimes hard to ask the questions that you want answers to, and then you don’t know if the answers you are given are really correct.

We don’t do “monkey business” …  we encourage people to ask questions and we will answer them for you in simple language.

Some of the questions may already have been asked and you might find the answers searching our blog.

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